Throughout the first half of the 20th century, there have been numerous articles written about the Newmarket Veterans from whom we take our beginnings as a Veterans Association.  A search of the local newspapers will attest to this statement.

The Newmarket Veterans’ Association (NVA) has been associated with the Great War Veterans Association and the North York Veterans Association; but, in the early 1930’s, we separated and became Newmarket’s first non-affiliated and independent Veterans organization. In 1948 we affiliated with the Canadian Corp.; and, by 1965 we were once again non-affiliated and independent. On October 20, 1966, we received our Letters Patent & Charter from the Province of Ontario incorporating us as the “Newmarket Veterans’ Association”. Today we are proud to be York Region’s oldest and largest independent Veterans association.

Executive Positions

The Executive of the NVA consists of a President, Past President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sgt-At-Arms, Property & Memorial Chair, Building Chair, Bar Chair, PRO Chair, Welfare Chair, Hall Booking Chair, Social Chair and a Sports Chair.

Current Executive Members and Contact Information



The chaplains of the club are appointed by the Executive for a period of three years and may be appointed for one additional term.

Past Presidents

The following past presidents have served since June 26, 1931:

Arthur Evans Alfred Elphinstone Alfred Smith
Jack Wright Doug May Bert Ward
Bill Andrews Hurb Fletcher Howard Brown
Walter Tuck Alex Hands Harold Brown
Roy Smalley Jack Wiebe Angus Matheson
Carm Shier Herb Elines Fred Dillman
Roy Harrison Ken Wyatt Norm Smart
John Dixon Linda O’Quinn Pat Foran


The By-laws of the NVA are reviewed yearly and if necessary, updated. The by-laws include a supplemental on the detailed Duties and Responsibilities of each Executive member. The binder can be found in the library at the club room.

Download By-Laws (for NVA members only)

Affiliations and Supports

The NVA has no official affiliations; however, we currently support the various cadet corps in this region. This includes RCSCC 221 Patriot, NLCC 118 Carinthia, RCAC 94th Squadron and the Queen’s York Rangers 2799 ACC. We also donate to various charities, sports clubs and offer bursaries to graduating high school students wishing to further their academic career.

Bursaries Application Form


Membership in the NVA consists of Regular Members & Associate Members who can become Life Members, Social Members and Honorary Members. Each membership has its own conditions and considerations which are in the by-laws. Membership is also regulated by precedence not contained in the by-laws.

Membership Application Form

Decoration and Remembrance Day

Decoration Day has been celebrated by the Newmarket Veterans since before the turn of the 20th century. The NVA has continued this tradition annually without interruption since 1948 at the Veteran’s Cenotaph on Veterans Way at the Newmarket Cemetery (NCC). At 2pm on the 2nd Sunday in June we honour our 77 Veterans who were reported missing or killed in action from the Boer War, WWI and WWII. We also honour each of our NVA deceased Veteran by placing a Memorial Cross at the Cenotaph for the weekend.

Remembrance Day, November 11th, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we honor all veterans who served or are serving in all conflicts, peace keeping, humanitarian and regular service to keep us safe and free. We parade at 10:30 am at our Cenotaph at NCC.

NVA Roll Call

Memorial Crosses

Prior to 1988 the NVA would place Memorial Canadian Flags on each of the graves of our Veterans buried at the Newmarket Cemetery. As stated before and sometime after 1988, the Newmarket Veterans’ Association decided to honor NVA Veterans by placing a small Memorial Cross with the larger crosses of Veterans buried at the Veterans Plot. It was not until July of 2009 a computerized list was started to record, into perpetuity, the service and personal record of the Veteran whose name appears on our Memorial Crosses. This list is “work in progress” and will continue until all information is entered and correct. The NVA appeal to anyone who has any personal or service record, picture or information that will complete and correct our records, please contact us by email at nva406@yahoo.ca.

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